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Shiny surfaces

Hobbies and passion in our life for objects and collections have always been an important reason - motivation where people usually attend for entertainment reasons.
People have always used to visit events to see rare items, card collections, vinyls, vehicles and so on., to share opinions or even, if they get a chance, to show their own collections.
Old vehicles from past decades are in Flanders an important reason for such meetings where Oldtimer Owners bring and exhibit well-maintained classic cars from another era. Objects that, in most cases, became legends, carrying a nostalgia, fashion or ideology, concepts which are usually originate through magazines or television.
This was for me an interesting field for photographic exploration of a colorful microcosmos in a photographically "sterile" world. So with my camera I began a personal search in a place full of luxury cars (luxury that carries as a symbol: wealth, social recognition, amazing design, etc.), and people who dress and adopt - most times- the behavior of glamor carried by these exposed vehicles in order to create common dialogues.
Through bright colorful scenes by interesting persons and "Shiny surfaces" I try to compose visual, (aesthetic-social-economic) questions about the object-subject relationship.
Unfolding my little discoveries in this way, an impeccable aesthetic is often contrasted with absolute kitsch.

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