Summer in gray tones

The photographer with Mediteranean roots, Andrea Shkreli departed from the warm South and the clear blue waters with his fixed lens analog camera towards Ostend. His black and white photos depict the way he sees the world.
In the photographer's photos we find a strong approach to social documentary photography..This series illustrates the environment and narrates the relation between the people and their surrounding landscapes. He shows this relationship with a very personal touch. Each image is an interpretation of reality, and the viewer can either follow closely this interpretation, or create one for himself. Often, separate images communicate with each other. They comment, or supplement one another. Sometimes quite evidently, while other times openly and freely.
Stating the obvious, numerous photos are taken just at the right moment, placing themselves in the tradition and school of the master Henri Cartier-Bresson, who, with his statement about ‘Le moment décisif’ (the decisive moment) influenced generations of photographers. The movement of the girl in the park interacts perfectly with the statue she passes by. The position of the cyclist towards the streetlight and the statue….. All are so right.
The body of the series ‘Summer gray in tones’ breathes out nostalgia and is sometimes funny, sometimes poetical. It takes us to a world we know, but now we see it differently. The eyes of Andrea take us to places that are not geographically determined. The strenghth of the photographs determines the spectator to watch and enjoy, allowing dreaming in a world which is both real and imaginary.