Windows into the World

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Windows into the World
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Windows into the World
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Windows into the World
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An old analog camera and some expired negative films were enough to make this series take place in my room. This work is a personal search and observation of the images that I received - in a transitional period of my life - from electronic media that were for me a window to the world, from which I condensed information and visualized personal views.
Trapped (due to physical disability) for a long time at home, I began to capture inside the computer and television screen, representations of reality that I faced in the daily news, blogs, commercials, events, shows, movies, and so on, in an era of iconography where the image has never been so cheap in its history.
Due to financial problems, when the frames of the film were finished, I restored the roll of the negative to the beginning and used the same already exposed surface by pulling the screen again. From the visual stimuli I received from an ocean of images that one can easily find on the internet, I reconstructed information following a process of rejecting and accepting feelings and desires. 
From the multiple exposures and the process that the photosensitive surface of the film receives light, adds and removes at the same time elements often common or opposite to each other composing a new image, which stem from the existing images that I chose to photograph through this “Common good” called TV and Internet.
By exposing the negatives over and over again, latent images were created on them from color combinations, forms, and unexpected dialogues which with the development of the negatives came to the surface 2 years later.
An experimental process in a stressful journey through sequences of images, which led me to translate the above experience into a kind of visual statement in an age of questioning values and ideas.

These images are not intended to comment on or criticize the previous images I found and recorded during that period through my screens.

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