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A Window into the World
Nominee 8th FAPA's Fine Art Photography Awards 

 An old analog camera and some expired film negatives were enough to make this series in my room.

Confined for a long time at home due to health conditions, and at a time of questioning values and ideas, I began to capture visual information - as represented aspects of reality - received from the television and of the computer screen.

When the negative film frames ran out, having no more film and no other choice, I started to re-use the negative film back from the beginning. Exposing the same already exposed surfaces of the film by taking other images from the screen repeatedly.

Images which, with the appearance of the negatives, surfaced sometime later.

Through the multiple exposures of the photosensitive surface, I noticed how the light of the new image recorded, changed, erased or distorted elements of the already existing image which was still in latent form.

So my camera turned into a simulation, observing how information that has been fed to us - in my case through the media - what we call this "common good", can be manipulated before it reaches us.

This work is a personal quest that beyond the creative intent, does not aim to focus or criticize the existing images I recorded from my screens, but - at that time - was for me "A window to the world".

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