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On Values

The series "On Values" deviates from the normal photographic process, consisting of photojournalism photographs from the beginning of the 20th century, which are presented in a different way in order to create dialogues about the relationship of the elements of the image in an attempt to bring questions to the viewer.                             
In this effort, a dialogue is developed through a game that some elements of the images by dressing them with gold leaves so that the forgotten image in history finds a new role, proposing a different way of reading and interpretation.
As one follows the work of Andrea Shkreli, one can find "le fil rouge", through his social approach. An attempt to open a dialogue in different aspects of life that often does not exclusively concern art. This mixing of photography with a different medium, such as the use of gold leaf, developed organically in his work emphasising the relationship of coexisting elements. In this way, the viewer through his own steps can interpret and develop his personal dialogues.                                  prints

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