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2021 - Nominee Open Theme on Fine Art Photography Awards - 8th FAPA 
2020- Grand Prize Social Photography -  Snoecks, Ghent BE
Nominee Short doc award - West Side Mountains Doc Fest,  Arta GR
2018 - 1st prize "The City Tells"  WPP18- Zwolle NL
2011  - 1st prize of new Photographer Kythera Photographic encounters - Kythira GR

This image is an alternate portrait of the photographer

Andrea Shkreli (1980)

Photography was an expedient means of observing and recording in the hands of those who shifted geographically. Andrea had a twofold experience of the excitement and embarrassment of emigration: as a child from Albania, his first homeland, to Greece, and as an adult from his second home to Flanders where he lives and continues his photographic work.

Since Andrea settled in Belgium, he continued to take pictures non-stop with his camera, and in part constitute  a way of becoming familiar with his natural and social reality.
Shkreli's photographs are creative but also deeply affected from a part of the long tradition of 20th century street and documentary photography that beset the metropolitan glow via the pictorial aspect of an increasingly complex world moving faster and faster.
In such a spirit, Andrea, as an creator try to unfolds his small discoveries, coincidences and notional graps, the points where the social seams stretch or are ripped, at the same time exploring the pace and liveliness that color often provides.

In this way, having the medium of photography as his passport, he continues to discover worlds and new dialogues between form and color, subjectivity and objectivity.

His compositions often thoughtful, powerful but not cute.

Bruges BE 2023


2023.                 Room 8 - Ghent. (BE)

2022                  Staging the real - Agrinio  (GR)

2022                  Blank Wall Gallery - Athens (GR)

2020                 3rd West Side Mountains (international doc fest)

2020.               "SF" Great Prize for Social Photography  - Gent (BE)

2020                 3rd Chania International Photo Festival

2019                  The color of Silence in Ichegem (BE)

2019                  ESP+ gallery - Thessaloniki (GR)

2019                  Landgoed de Campagne - Gent (BE)

2019                  ZigZag Gallery - Ostend, (Be)

2018                  5th Bienniale of Fine Art & Documentary Photography in Barcelona (SP)

2018                  The color of Silence Academy of Arts - Cultural service of the city Brugge (BE)

2018                 "The City Tells" and WorldPressPhoto 2018 - (Zwolle NL)

2018                 "Bonjour West - Vlaanderen" Academy of Arts Brugge - Brugge (BE)

2018                  Aspects of Balkan Photography: For a common narrative - Thessaloniki (GR)

2017                 "300 years of Art Academy of Arts Bruges" exhibition - Bruges (BE)

2017                  Exposure Value gallery - Ostende (BE)

2017                  New Gaanderijen,  (for municipality's cultural) - Ostende (BE)

2016                  Folklore Museum - Bruges (BE) 

2016                  International festival of Photography - Tirana (AL)

2016                  Ter Muiden - Oedelem (BE)

2016                  Howest, Best Off Art Academy - Brugge (BE)

2015                  Academy of Art AnnZee -Ostende (BE)

2014                 On Discriminations - Institution of Human Rights - London (UK)

2013                  Aspect of Balcan Photography - Thessaloniki (GR)

2012                  Esp+ gallery - Thessaloniki (GR)

2012                 Ariadne Photography Gallery - Athens (GR)

2011                  Kythera Photographic encounters - Kythira (GR)

2011                  Esp+ gallery - Thessaloniki (GR)

2010                Tettix Art Gallery - Thessaloniki (GR)

2009               Tettix Art Gallery - Thessaloniki (GR)

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+32 468 137813

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