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On Discrimination

I have decided to photographically present the attempt to development of Greece Paralympic "Weightlifting" team. My motive of actualizing this photographic series was the persistence of the members of this team to emphasize  their physical abilities beyond their disabilities. Being a person with limited kinetic abilities, after a long period of recovery due to a road accident, I tried to become active and adjust my life considering the new constant. Prioritizing my somatic therapy I have chosen to be involved in sports. Never had it crossed my mind that I would conduce to archery with panhellenic distinctions. During this route and after involving with several sports until I settled in archery, I conformed several people with physical disabilities, co-athletes, trainers and few volunteers who supported those people’s endeavor. Having weightlifting as their main occupation the aforementioned athletes have proven that being able-bodies is not prerequisite even in field of sports. A convincing demonstration of the above is the fact that the vast majority of these athletes have earned distinctions in panhellenic, pan-european and worldwide tournaments. Choosing this activity shows their pursuit for success and the achievement of their goals through their right to differentiate. So in this way they are liberated by social discriminations and stereotypes in order to bring out a positive meaning of the term distinction. For this reason in my photographic series I didn’t choose to overemphasize or point out their disability or "Observe the Pain of Others" but instead to present their effort to improve and broaden their abilities in order to be in a position to compete although their voice is not heard. A continuous effort which is also a vindication for all aspects of their life.

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