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A Window into the World
Nominee 8th FAPA's Fine Art Photography Awards 

An old analog camera and some expired negative films were enough to make this series taken place in my room. Confined for a long time at home due to health condition reasons, I started to capture from the screen of television and the internet, represented aspects of reality, in an era of questioning values and ideas. 
Once the frames of the film were finished, having no other choice, I restored the negative film to the beginning and used the same already exposed surface by shooting other images from the screen repeatedly.
From the multiple exposures and the process by which the photosensitive surface of the film receives light, it is interesting how a visual information through light changes or distorts an existing recorded information / image into a latent form, proposing a new visual narrative with unexpected dialogues, surprisingly beyond expectations. 
The images, with the developing of the negatives, came to the surface quite some time later.
These images pose the following questions: what happens in our minds when we receive this optical political, social, and economic information through our screens? How is this information received by us and how we process them? How do we see the world through the screens? 
This work constitutes my gateway to see the world during this transitional period of my life. It represents a personal search and observation of the images received from the media, what we call this common good, and which for me was "A window to the world". 
The photographs of this series are not intended to comment, manipulate, or criticize the images of others that were found and captured by me during this period through my screen.

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